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Download Heureka v. 2.8 demo (Hungarian)
The Heureka system is used for handling the tasks relating to HR management. The software was developed in a close co-operation with a school co-operative society. Before the development the business processes of the HR-related companies were examined and the system was designed and prepared accordingly. As we only searched computer aided solutions exclusively for the problems arising in practice, the software designed makes administration faster and facilitates a faster data search and data processing. With the aid of the Heureka the administration workload can significantly be reduced and the quality and preciseness of the administration can be improved.
The Heureka - as its name indicates - helps you to find the students who meet the requirements of the partner company as well as to find the right job for the students.
We tried to design such a transparent and simple user interface, which makes the work of the user considerably easier. The colleagues selecting the employees can notice on the review lists if an important detail of certain employee is missing: the colours, which can be set optionally indicate the deficiencies in the data. Thanks to this, the problem of missing data or document of the employee at the mediation or payment can be prevented.
By specifying the searching parameters the abilities and skills of the student employees registered in our database can be measured. Up-to-date information is available on the quality of the registered people. With the aid of the Heureka you can contact the members with a single click: e-mails can be sent (to more employees all at once), or the phone numbers of the registered people can be forwarded to the SMS-sending application used by the school co-operatives. The software also supports the general queries: by entering 4 optional search words a selection can be prepared from the data in the database. This solution enables you to find the right candidates based on any kinds of criteria. Targeted searches can be initiated: potential candidates can be found by comparing the result with the current demand.

The system is based on four basic activities:
- Registry of students
- Handling partner companies and positions
- Generating payment lists, interface to the payroll application
- Pre-invoicing activities

Registry of students

In this function there is an opportunity to register the personal data of the student employees. Their abilities and skills can also be registered, including their qualification, studies, language skills, computer skills and the previous workplaces. The positions, which the employees are interested in as well as the location of work can also be specified.

There is an opportunity to attach documents to the data sheet of the employee. This can be really useful when handling the school-attendance certificates requested by the school co-operatives.
We also tried to make the work for the data recording persons easier by using colour codes to distinguish the obligatory and the recommended fields.

Handling partner companies and positions

The Heureka provides facility for registering the general details of the partner companies. Recording the most important details of the contact persons supports communication. Besides, the route to the company can be saved, which can be a gat help if the way to the site of the company has to be explained t the candidate on the phone. A map can also be attached which can be sent to the candidate by e-mail.

The menu item "Contracts" makes the administration easier: all kinds of documents can be attached, from offers through contracts and contract modifications to the certifications of fulfillment. So the whole document file of a certain partner company can be found at one place.
In the case of the positions the biggest novelty beyond the recording of the basic details is that you can also determine the skills and abilities of the employees required for a certain position. With a single click all the students meeting the criteria are listed and the users are able to select from them. The selection is also facilitated by the same search interface as it is in the general list of the students.

Generating payment lists, interface to the payroll application

If a student who meets the requirements entered a certain position, the number of working hours and the hourly fee in a certain period can be recorded based on the attendance sheets at the end of the month.

The software summarizes the payment lists by partner companies, which can be printed out with a single click.

The Heuréka can be connected to the payroll application already used at the school co-opearative. To be able to reach this, it is essential to work out a common interface with the vendor of the payroll application. Currently an interface to a certain payroll application is available. Based on this the Heuréka can transfer the payments recorded for a company to the payroll application with a single click.

This procedure makes the internal processes much simpler: it is unneded to re-recorded the payments in the payroll application and so the amount of the human errors can be radically decreased.

Pre-invoicing activities

The current version of Heuréka supports the pre-invoicing activities, too. Practically, it means, that the coordinators have the possibility to record the fulfillment details of the services delivered to the partners, while the colleagues at the billing department can prepare the invocies based on these data.

After the billing the technical details of the invoince can be recorded in the Heuréka.

The Heuréka can be connected to the invoice application used at the school co-operative if it provides an interface for this purpose. If such an interface is not available yet, together with the vendor of the invoice application we can work it out. The of to have such an interface is relevant, because we can avoid a lof ot human errors and dramatically decrease the amount of the administration.


The Heureka can be used by more users on the intranet of the school co-operatives at the same time. The software provides facility for organizing the users into groups, thus separating the colleagues by specializations. This is to guarantee that the employees ordered to each group can only see their tasks to be completed by them in the system.
The log function is also to improve security, which records each data modification and possibly cancellations. Therefore, the whole history of each record can be seen by clicking on the "History" button on the windows: you can check which user when and what modified on the data sheet of the student, the partner company and the position.


The Heureka is to make it easier for administration of the school co-operatives supporting the employment of students and pupils. With the aid of this software the details of the student employees, the partner companies and the positions advertised can be handled in a wide range. It makes the selection of the candidate meeting the requirements easier. The payment list provides the necessary information for the payroll department, while the pre-invoinving function provides the colleagues at the billing department with essential help.
Besides, the biggest advantage of the Heureka is that it can be adapted to the demands of the school co-operatives and the documentation requirements introduced and it can be individually tailored by the users within a short period of time.