Real Pool


Real Pool Ltd. has been established by two young software engineers in 2005 because they intended to continue their professional career in the frame of an own enterprise.

The main profile of our company is to develop tailor-made solutions. Taking the requests of our partners into account we try to deliver compromiseless solutions to our partners' unique problems.
We undertake to develop, install and maintain tailor-made solutions fulfilling the unique requirements of the customer. On demand we offer supporting and maintaining services for our applications. Multi-language user interface can help our customers.

Business areas supported by our softwares:

- register of electric devices and equipments of industrial plants,
- planning and schedule of maintenance activities in industrial plants,
- recruitment companies: full-detailed register of human resources, managing partner companies and vacancies,
- telecom: quality assurance for invoicing and measuring
- telecom: support for the checking of the balance of the invoice by a phone a call